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Sheep Grazing at Coyote Hills
Sheep Grazing at Coyote Hills
Grazing sheep family at Coyote Hills with the baby staring directly at the camera
I have seen large number of sheep that are periodically allowed to graze within specific boundaries at Coyote Hills. I think this is done for controlled grazing, an environmenatlly friendly way of controlling grass and weed population at different sections of the park (but I am not saying this from any professional knowledge). You can see some more photos of amazing movement of sheep herds at sheep flow at coyote hills. An amazing thing about watching sheep grazing is the behavior of the dog that is used to control the movement of sheep. You will watch in disbelief how one single dog is able to control such a large number of animals with utter confidence and eagerness.

Can you spot the dog in the top photo?

Last Revised August 2, 2009

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