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New trail to Glider Hill in Coyote Hills Regional Park

This photo is takeAbout two years ago (and I am not very accurate about this) a new trail opened up in Coyote Hills. It starts not too far from the Visitor Center and climbs up directly to the Glider Hill, which is the highest point of the park. It is the shortest way to climb to the Glider Hill. There was a shorter and very steep trail from Hoot Hollow, which the glider flyer used to routinely use, but that trails seems to have been closed. Anyway, to reach the new trail, you have to cross the visitor center and turn left (ie, head south), go around the metal gate, and keep walking -- within a few minutes the trail starts on the right. This trail is visible from the car as you arrive to the Visitor's Center.

Last Revised August 1, 2009

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