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Green algae muck at Coyote Hills

Recently I am noticing many of the marshlands zones that were previoulsy full of water are getting less water, at least for part of the year, but sometime all year round. I do not know if this is an un-interfered natural phenomenon or if the park rangers and naturalists are executing some programs of selective water drainage. In any case, what eventually results are marsh beds converting into cracked earth starting from the middle of summer and lasting till the beginning of the rainy season. Before reaching the cracked earth state, the marshland goes through the state shown in this photo. A dried paste-like green substance consisting mainly of algae-like covers the soil. It is kind of smelly to be around these areas, especially when the air is still. I hope someone knows what is happening here, and that it is something good, because I tell you, it is not fun to be around these areas, the smell is very intense.

Last Revised July 23, 2009

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