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Fungi population on rocks, Muskrat Trail, Coyote Hills

I am getting interested in the fungi that I see on so many rocks. This photo was taken on the Quail Trail, but similar fungi are to be found in many places of this park and of other nearby locations. I am puzzled by where and how these fungi species find food on these seemingly impenetrable hard rocks. The park rangers often speak about the difficult issue of non-native plant species sometimes displacing native species. Is there a similar situation between native and non-native fungi population? How do they relate to other species of the ecology, with whom do they interact? Plants support other species through fruit, flower etc. What is the function of fungi in the mosaic? The fungi are often of very bright color - orange, yellow, white, and sometimes black. They look spectacular on bright-color rocks.

Last Revised July 22, 2009

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